What’s in Johannah’s Dream Duffel

Dance season is here! This will be Johannah’s 3rd year in The Dance Avenue competition team, and she has grown so much as a dancer since joining the studio. Gosh, I still remember our first year in competition team. I was SO clueless on what was going on. HA! The first year I didn’t know what to expect, but last year I felt like I actually had it together.

She was only in one dance her first year, so I just carried her costume in a garment bag. Her second year she was in 3 dances, so a Dream Duffel dance bag was necessary! We went with the medium size which holds 6-9 costumes.

I wanted to show you what we pack for competition! The first thing we pack is her snack/candy container.

I love how it has small compartments for candy and big compartments for snacks. This usually lasts her all weekend of competition.

Okay, now for the important stuff! 😉 The first thing she puts in there is her dance shoes.

We have her costumes hanging on the Dream Duffel hangers and inside the Dream Duffel garment bags. I love how the garment bags have zippered pockets to keep shoes and other accessories with the costume.

We also pack a blanket, so that she has a place to sit by her bag while waiting in between dances in the changing room. It’s also there in case she gets cold.

Johannah keeps all of her makeup, bobby pins, hairnet, and safety pins in a cosmetic bag which she can hang on the bar of the Dream Duffel. The cosmetic bags come in different colors, and it also comes with a mirror.

Other items we pack are extra tights, warm up jacket, hairspray, and a brush!

Below are some images from last year’s dance season! Here’s a close up of the cosmetic bag and mirror.

Johannah loves having her little cousin in dance too! This was during recital.

On to this year’s dance season! The beginning of the season kicks off with performing at the Iowa State Fair and parade. Here’s Johannah with Coach Amber.

Here’s sone of the girls from Johannah’s dance studio with their Dream Duffel!

This post is sponsored by Dream Duffel all ideas/opinions are my own.

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