Back to School 2019 with Walmart

The three older kids had a great first day of school a couple weeks ago, and Bashy actually starts preschool tomorrow. Oh my gosh…he’s so excited! He’s been asking me nonstop how many days are left until school starts. I know we won’t have a problem with him crying on the first day of preschool!

It’s been so nice getting back into a routine while the kids are in school, but sports are in fill swing! I feel like a taxi driver hauling kids to practices. 😉 I hear from people that I’m going to miss this stage when they finally have their license and won’t need mom anymore. I guess we’ll just see if that’s true!

I did a photo shoot of the kids to capture a back to school theme and asked them some first day of school questions! I hope to continue this every year and see how their answers change throughout the years. All their clothes are from Walmart, and I focused on the transition to colder temps. It gets chilly in the morning and they say that it’s cold in their classroom, so they’re usually wearing sweatshirts before heading to school.

In my first Back to School blog post, my focus was summer clothes, so check out that post if you’re looking for shorts/t-shirt outfits. I was SO impressed with their kids’ sweatshirts at Walmart. Even the kids were raving about how soft they were!


Hope you all have a wonderful school year!

This post is sponsored by Wal-mart, but all ideas/opinions is my own.

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